34 Aimez-vous Potemkin? 2 x CD reissue




34. Aimez-vous Potemkin 2xCD-reissue
2 x CD, Mecanique Populaire AMR 005/TW Records 2028 (FR./NL) 2014

CD1: The Potemkin Sessions

1- Life in death (Krepel); 2- Tenderness (Van den Bos, Gout); 3- Domela (Van den Bos, Gout); 4- Ceausescu's dream (Baine, Gout); 5- Czech mates (Van den Bos, Krepel, Simonis, Gout); 6- Shall we dance? (Krepel, Simonis, Gout); 7- The Potemkin suite (Friederich, Krepel, Simonis, Gout); 8- Fin de siècle [Samantha Fox mix] (Simonis, Gout); 9-You (Simonis, Gout); 10-Rock Hudson (Simonis, Gout); 11-Death in life (Krepel)

LP Potemkin (7): tracks 2-7
EP Macht Kaputt (8): tracks 9, 10
All songs recorded and mixed by Dolf Planteijdt at ADM Koeienverhuurbedrijf, Sloterdijk, May 1989
Track 8 remixed by Dolf Planteijdt at ADM, Sloterdijk, November 1989
Tracks 1, 5 and 11 remixed by Dolf Planteijdt at ADM, Purmerend, February 1996
1, 11: Trespassers W + Raymund van Santen (clarinet, alto sax) and Frans Friederich (trumpet, tuba)

CD2 Aimez-vous Trespassers W? 1-13: zie: 9- Aimez-vous Trespassers W? Songs of life in death 14 - Biedermayer's Monsters (Krepel, Gout); 15- What will happen to (Simonis, Gout), 16- Coventry (Simonis, Gout); 17- Echoes of Rhodesia (Oudijk, Gout); 18- Nussfarben, Deutsches Städchen (Krepel, Gout) 14: remixed by Dolf Planteijdt, ADM, Sloterdijk, November 1989; 16, 17- new versions, recorded and mixed by Edu Hackenitz and Trespassers W, Vuurland Studio, Utrecht, December 18/19 1990; 18- recorded and mixed by Boris Hanzer, Trespassers W and Deux Baleines Blanches, B-Orange Studio, Düsseldorf, February/April 1993