Do the don’t
From: The Noble Folly of Rock’n’roll, Somnimage-CD (USA), 2006

From: The Drugs We All Need, Somnimage-CD (USA), 2004

Newly In Stock
From: Sex And The End Of It, Somnimage-CD (USA), 2002

Sonia Szewcjyk’s Ballet School
From: Vlucht Over Den Haag, Snowdonia/TW-CD, 2001

Beckett Dies
From: Leaping The Chasm, Organic-CD, 2000

Artemesia Gentileschi
From: Fly Up In The Face Of Life, AMF-CD, 1996

Black Cat (Remix)
From: Koala and other metamorphosis, TW Records 2030, Somnimage (USA), Red Wig 052, 2020

Video, from Frank Wood’s Electronic Jive

Cult Hero (Brussel, Foyer Culturel Jettois, 10/11/89)
TV World (Havirov, Club Centrum, 10/11/90)
Schooldays (Havirov, Club Centrum, 10/11/90)
Breath (Nieuwendijk, Xinix, 25/5/91)
Tenderness (Nieuwendijk, Xinix, 25/5/91)
F.E.A.R (Den Haag, Iets Vrijers, 25/9/93)
White Russians (Nieuwendijk, Xinix, 25/5/91))
Nussfarben [fragment] (Den Haag, Iets Vrijers, 25/9/93)
Fin du Siècle (Brussel, Foyer Culturel Jettois, 10/11/89)


The reverend Cor Gout featuring Wilbert de Joode, Jan-Kees Haks en Jan Moebius:
Gemobiliseerd (Den Haag, Korzo 27-04-1996)

Video, some clips in the mp4 format