Cor Gout, Trespassers W l’Intégrale II

Cor Gout, Trespassers W l’Intégrale !!RYTRUT, ISBN 978-2-9546441-9-6

Cor Gout, Trespassers W l’Intégrale II RYTRUT,
ISBN 978-2-9546441-9-6

592 pages
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Hard cover / couverture cartonnée / impression quadri / four-color printing
Lyrics in English / Paroles en français / Songteksten in het Nederlands
Includes all record sleeves and more / Inclut les pochettes de disques et plus (1984-2022)
Prix public / retail price: 26,00 €

Préface / Preface : Maxime Lachaud
Photo’s de couverture dos et devant / Back and front cover photo: Ada Fesevur
Traduction des paroles / Lyrics translation: Ladzi Galai & Cor Gout
Introduction and preface translation: Doug Aikman
English lyrics readings: Attila The Stockbroker


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Cor Gout, Trespassers W, l’Intégrale II (Rytrut)

Cor Gout is the leader of Trespassers W, a Dutch artistic ensemble that since the eighties has produced a lot of works between avant-garde-rock and urban psychedelia.

They were able to translate an intense musical journey into poetry and philosophy studded with important steps. This book collects all the lyrics written in English and also translated into Dutch and French. It’s a huge work, accompanied by many photographs as well as most of their artworks. It’s a book that allows a full immersion in the universe of these visionary champions of freedom of expression. With their lyrics full of meaning, they made politics and denounced the contradictions of capitalism which, behind the lure of money, arm the terrorists who strike the West. The issues addressed are many and there is a sentence, on the cover of the book, that says a lot: “what will you do to be loved”. It means so much because, in the end, love is always the gratest force that moves the World.

(Giancarlo Bolther, Rockerilla, november 2022)

Rigo Dittmann (Bad Alchemy 117, Germany, 2023-01-25

Cor G and Trespassers W: Death by Sophistication

Trespassers W – l’Intégrale (Rytrust 2022) is the 590 pages counting, richly illustrated update of l’Intégrale 1984-2006: 22 years of songs Rytrut, 2007  ~BA55),  expanded with One Sided Love Affair (2014), The Stowaway EP (2016), Ferrageau (2020) and Koala and other metamorphoses (2021), but more important, instead of their French translations, this time with complete lyrics in original English, Dutch or German, so that Cor Gout’s life’s work in his marvelous tension by sophistication becomes an open book. Nostalgia and local patriottisme, Hollywood, Rock’n-roll  and what can be marked as excentric melancholy and longing, has become an open book. Because of these mentioned characteristics  I have allowed myself to designate him as an ‘excentric German poet’. Maxime Lachaud has set out and accentuated Gout’s wingspan similarly in his Preface. For me, above all, is the obviousness with which Gout practiced Leslie Fiedler’s ‘Cross the border – Close the gap’  and made it explicit in Leaping the Chasm, a continuous source of joy and a parallel action which appears bloodbrotherlike to me. The abundance of the personal –like ‘the boy’ – political, pop- and highly cultural allusions sparkle like a mirror ball over the dancefloor of the memory and phantasy.

Just like the Holy Umberto: exciting sparking combinations: La stradaParadise Lost, Edward Hopper – Elvis Costello, Sartre – Sugar Ray Robinson, Shakespeare – Krazy Kat, De Sade – Monsieur Verdoux, Preraffaelites – Pointillists, No New York – Neverland, Barnett Newman – Shocking Blue, Garcia Lorca – Little Richard, George Hendrik Breitner – Jacques Brel, Jean Cocteau – Captain Nemo, Malraux – Samantha Fox, Don Quichotte – Domela Nieuwenhuis, Potemkin – Ceauçescu, Marlene Dietrich – Ferdinand Vaněk, The Plastic People of the Universe – Eisenstein, Kafka – Rock Hudson, Graf Dracula – Lady Godiva, Doris Day – Mao, Van Gogh – Sex Pistols, T Rex – Cleopatra, Circe – Chuck Berry, Agatha Christie – Mata Hari, Leni Riefenstahl – U2, Dostojewski – Eliza Doolittle, Schopenhauer – Georgi Dimitroff, Munch – Carmen Miranda, ETA Hoffmann – Gene Vincent, Abe Lenstra – Dr. Watson, Les Liaisons Dangereuses – Penthesilea, Goethe – Leda, Lyotard – Artemesia Gen- tileschi, Saint-Exupéry – The Rolling Stones, Houdini – Lewis Carroll, Mahler – Ikarus, Samuel Beckett – Syd Barrett, Sukarno – Slauerhoff, Die Mörder sind unter uns – Teneriffa, 27. März 1977, Paul Gascoigne – Tamara de Lempicka, Velvet Underground – Josephine Baker, Asta Nielsen – Comedian Harmonists, Coco Chanel – Igor Strawinski, Dumbo – Der Leiermann, Mark Gertler – Everly Brothers, Charly Brown – Shake, Rattle and Roll, Betty Boop – Hercule Poirot, Coleman Hawkins – Jacques Prevert, Napoleon – Honor Blackman, Mr. Steed – Tinkerbell, Rudyard Kipling – A. A. Milne… In Gout’s verbiage thematically endless, but in laconic  nonchalance skimmed of, is in rhyme or rhymeless ‘our’ total era recessed. From the revolutionary and biedermaier-like inflows via the Cold War to the postkolonial and postmodern hangover. The uncynical enlightenment, the  allusive playfulness, the one sided love affairs, space, which gives us the thoughts and feelings, they all made the question ‘Aimez-vous Trespassers W’ for me always rhetorical. Not Yves Montand, not Anthony Perkins, not even Brahms – Cor Gout is my man.

Cor Gout, Trespassers W l’Intégrale !!RYTRUT, ISBN 978-2-9546441-9-6