24. Cover Collection

Trespassers W – Cover Collection

10″-EP, PINK LEMON: PINK 015 (G.), 2001
A: Rouge-side:
1: Blitzkrieg Bop, 2: Salvation Army Citadel, 3: Le Rouge Et Le Noir, 4: The Day Before You Came
B: Paul-side:
1: Song From Under The Floorboards, 2: Effervescing Elephant, 3: We Know Where Paul Ricketts Lives
A1: The Ramones; A2: Jimmy Campbell; A3: Claude Nougaro; A4: Abba; B1: Devoto, Dostojewski; B2: Syd Barrett; B3: TV Personalities, Gout
Prod.: Camille Dings (Dodorama/Via Ritmo, Rotterdam)
Engineering: Camille Dings
Editing: Camille Dings
Cor Gout (vocals; collection box A2), Ronnie Krepel (banjo A1, B1, B3; guitar A2, B1; keyboards A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, tambourine A2; jacket shuffle A4; backing vocals A3), Hayo den Boeft (bass on all tracks except A4; vocals B2); backing vocals B3; jacket shuffle A4), Cor Hoogerdijk (guitar A1, A2, B1, B3; drums A3; vocals on A1), Bas den Boer (vacuum cleaner A1; big bass drum A2; jacket shuffle A4; tambourine B1; tuba B2; crickets B3; vocals B2; backing vocals B1, A3)