33. One-sided love-affair LP

Trespassers W, One-sided love-affair
Trespassers W, One-sided love-affair

33 One-sided LP, TW Records 2027 (NL) 2014
1-Berlin, Berlin (traditional); 2-Blonde Venus (Krepel, Gout); 3-Marlene (Meysing, Gout); 4-Space for thoughts (Krepel, Simonis, Gout); 5-I can see you (Krepel, Gout); 6-Chile (Bos, Gout); 7-Malieveld (song: Van Markwijk, Gout; outro: Kroos)

Cor Gout (vocals on all tracks); Ronnie Krepel (guitar on I-2, 4, 5, II-1; keyboards on I-1, 2, II-2; backing vocals on II-1); Peter Bos (guitar on I-1, II-1; drums/percussion on I-2, 4, 5, II-1, 2; backing vocals on I-5 and II-1); Hayo den Boeft (bass on I-1, 2, 4, 5, II- 1); Lukas Simonis (akogit on I-4 and II-1); Robert Kroos (sounds and mixes on II-2); Dorien Meysing (hand-organ on I-3)

Recorded and mixed by Lukas Simonis/Studio LGS, Rotterdam, nov.,dec. 2013
Mastered by Wim Oudijk, Disco Fair The Hague, jan. 2014
All artwork: Jef Benech.