4. Pretty Lips Are Red

Trespassers W - 4. Pretty Lips Are Red
Trespassers W – Pretty Lips Are Red

LP, DEAD MAN’S CURVE (DMC)-022 (U.K.), 1987
A-1: Contras, 2: Melancholy Man; 3: Echoes Of Rhodesia, 4: Spit And Sawdust, 5: Mascara Cara, 6: Another Country, 7: Neanderthal Woman Replica
B-1: Tentative Lovesong, 2: Living In The Hague, 3: Chickenfarm, 4: B-sides, 5: Coventry, 6: Picking Flowers In Afghanistan, 7: Faraway Fathers
Comp.: A1, B4, B5: Lukas Simonis, Cor Gout ; A2, A7, B1, B3, B6: Lukas Simonis, Ronnie Krepel, Cor Gout ; A3, A5, B2: Wim Oudijk, Cor Gout ; A4, B7: Lukas Simonis, Ronnie Krepel, Frank van den Bos, Bart Vos, Cor Gout (Trespassers W)
Prod.: Wim Oudijk (Disco Fair, The Hague, NL)
Musicians: Cor Gout (vocals), Lukas Simonis (guitar; bass B6), Frank van den Bos (keyboards), Ronnie Krepel (bass; guitar B6), Bart Vos (drums), Henk van Schaik (saxophone B3, B7), Attila the Stockbroker (violin B2, B6)