6. Dummy

Trespassers W - 6. Dummy
Trespassers W – Dummy

2xLP, TW 1005 (NL), 1988
A-1: Whistle Down The Wind, 2: Bite You In The Heel, 3: Jealousy, 4: Pine In The Wood, 5: Melancholy Man, 6: Nostalgia (I)
B-1: No New York, 2: Brel, 3: Mr. Verdoux, 4: Dentures For A Goddess
C-1: Schooldays, 2: Youth Culture, 3: TV-World, 4: Headshrinker, 5: Neverland*
D-1: It’s Christmas Time Again, 2: What’s My Life Really Worth?, 3: England Swings, 4: Paris In Between The Wars, 5: Boundaries
Comp.: A1, A2, B2, B3, B4, D3: Frank van den Bos, Cor Gout ; A3, B1, C1, C2, D1, D5: Lukas Simonis, Frank van den Bos, Hayo den Boeft, Ronnie Krepel, Cor Gout (Trespassers W); A4, A5, A6, C4: Lukas Simonis, Cor Gout ; C3, D2: Hayo den Boeft, Cor Gout ; C5, D4: Wim Oudijk, Cor Gout
Prod.: Patrick Richter, Trespassers W (PPM, Amsterdam, NL)
Engineering: Patrick Richter
Musicians: Cor Gout (vocals), Lukas Simonis (guitar), Frank van den Bos (keyboards), Hayo den Boeft (bass), Ronnie Krepel (drums), Saskia Leenes (backing vocals A1, A2)

(*) directly taken from 5B 1. For information, see 5.