37: Released: Trespassers W – Koala and other metamorphoses

Verkrijgbaar als LP en CD in juli 2022 (available in July 2022)
Ovidius zou er trots op zijn. (Ovid would be proud.)

Trespassers W: Koala and other metamorphoses lp/cd (TW Records 2030, Somnimage, Red Wig 052), 2021

All vocal lines and lyrics except LP II-2 (Rudyard Kipling) and CD 12 (Syd Barrett) by Cor Gout.
Prod.: Lukas Simonis, L65 Studio, Rotterdam, 2021.
Musicians: Frans Friederich: electronics, trumpet, Cor Gout: voice, Lukas Simonis: guitar, electronics, background vocals, Henk Bakker: bass clarinet on LP II-8 and CD-8, Nina Hitz: cello on LP I-4 and CD-4

Trespassers W – Koala and other metamorphoses, LP and CD