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Trespassers W - 1. Burn It Down
1. Burn It Down

7″ EP, 33 RPM, TW 1001 (NL), 1984A-1: Burn It DownB-1: Final Curtain; 2: The Saga Of AdaComp.: A1, B1, B2: Wim Oudijk, Cor GoutProd.: Wim Oudijk (Disco Fair, The Hague)Musicians: Wim Oudijk (keyboards), Cor Gout (vocals) Recensie’s

Trespassers W - 27. Straight Madness
2. Straight Madness

LP, 33 RPM, TW 1002 (NL), 1985A-1: Echoes Of Rhodesia, 2: Career Opportunity, 3: Mascara Cara, 4: Versailles, 5: Straight MadnessB-1: Holland Park Restaurant, 2: Sexual Blackmail, 3: Living In The Hague, 4: Pregnant, 5: SilenceComp.: Wim Oudijk, Cor GoutProd.: Wim Oudijk (Disco Fair, The Hague, NL)Musicians: Cor Gout…

Trespassers W - 3. Paris In Between The Wars
3. Paris In Between The Wars

12″ EP, 45 RPM, TW 1003 (NL), 1986A-1: Paris In Between The Wars, 2: Le Diable Est AnglaiseB-1: B-sides, 2: Blitzkrieg BopComp.: A2, A5, A6, B3, B4, B5: Ronnie Krepel, Cor Gout, A1, B1: Wim Oudijk, Cor Gout ; A2: J. M. Rivière, G. Bourgeois, C. Gout; B2: The…

Trespassers W - 4. Pretty Lips Are Red
4. Pretty Lips Are Red

LP, DEAD MAN’S CURVE (DMC)-022 (U.K.), 1987A-1: Contras, 2: Melancholy Man; 3: Echoes Of Rhodesia, 4: Spit And Sawdust, 5: Mascara Cara, 6: Another Country, 7: Neanderthal Woman ReplicaB-1: Tentative Lovesong, 2: Living In The Hague, 3: Chickenfarm, 4: B-sides, 5: Coventry, 6: Picking Flowers In Afghanistan, 7: Faraway…

Trespassers W - 5. The Ghost of the Jivaro Warrior
5. The Ghost of the Jivaro Warrior

CASSETTE C23, TW 1004 (NL), 1987A-1: introduction by Dirk Steenhaut, 2: Headshrinker, 3: Jealousy, 4: No New YorkB-1: Neverland, 2: Pregnant, 3: Brel, 4: BoundariesComp.: A2: Simonis, Gout; A3, A4, B4: Lukas Simonis, Ronnie Krepel, Hayo den Boeft, Frank van den Bos, Cor Gout (Trespassers W); B1, B2: Wim…

Trespassers W - 6. Dummy
6. Dummy

2xLP, TW 1005 (NL), 1988A-1: Whistle Down The Wind, 2: Bite You In The Heel, 3: Jealousy, 4: Pine In The Wood, 5: Melancholy Man, 6: Nostalgia (I)B-1: No New York, 2: Brel, 3: Mr. Verdoux, 4: Dentures For A GoddessC-1: Schooldays, 2: Youth Culture, 3: TV-World, 4: Headshrinker,…

Trespassers W - 7. Potemkin
7. Potemkin

LP, TW 1006/ADM 7975 (NL), 1989re-release: Cassette, A Contresens, AC007K7 (F), 1996 (+ extra tracks)A-1: Tenderness, 2: Domela, 3: Ceaucescu’s Dream, 4: Check Mates, 5: Shall We Dance?B-1: PotemkinComp.: A1, A2: Frank van den Bos, Cor Gout ; A3: Attila the Stockbroker, Cor Gout ; A4: Lukas Simonis, Ronnie…

Trespassers W - 8. Macht Kaputt EP
8. Macht Kaputt EP

7″ EP, 45 RPM, TW 1007/ADM 6975 (NL), 1989A-Medley: Macht Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht (a)/Einheitsfrontlied (b)/Shell Yell (c)B-1: Rock Hudson, 2: YouComp.: A(a): Ton, Steine, Scherben; A(b): Kurt Weill, Bertold Brecht; A(c): Lukas Simonis, Ronnie Krepel, Frank van den Bos, Peter Bos, Cor Gout (Trespassers W); B1, B2:…

Trespassers W - 9. Aimez-vous Trespassers W? Songs of Life in Death
9. Aimez-vous Trespassers W? Songs of Life in Death

CASSETTE, C46, 1st release: UNDERGROUND PRODUCTIONS: SUB 19 (F), 1990re-release PROGRESSIVE ENTERTAINMENT: PE 13 (G), 1994A-1: Intro/Aimez-vous Trespassers W?, 2: Cult Hero, 3: Jack And Jill Here And Now, 4: Fin De Siècle, 5: Ice Cream Man, 6: Zero A No Go, 7: Career Opportunity, 8: Nostalgia (II)B-1: Shell-Yell,…

Trespassers W - 10. Kinder EP
10. Kinder EP

MAXI-EP/MINI -LP, 10″, TW 1008 (NL), 1991A-1: Kinder, 2: Neverland, 3: Ice Cream Man, 4: Nostalgia (III)B-1: Tenderness, 2: Trespassers W, 3: Rock Little RochusComp.: A1: Bettina, Wegner; A2: Wim Oudijk, Cor Gout ; A3: Lukas Simonis, Frank van den Bos, Cor Gout ; A4, B2: Ronnie Krepel, Cor…

Trespassers W - 11. Roots and Locations
11. Roots and Locations

LP, TW 1009/ADM 18975 (NL), 1991A-1: The Man, 2:White Russians, 3: The Boy, 4: The Park, 5: The Room, 6: Chinese CandymanB-1: The Neighbour, 2: Hexio Perfectio De La Luxe, 3: The City, 4: The Memorial, 5: The Scala, 6: Reprise The ManComp.: A1, A4, A5, A6, B3, B6:…

Trespassers W - 12. EP-Rayé
12. EP-Rayé

Split-EP with Antoine Molaire et l’Ensemble Pandorra, Bene Gesserit and X Ray Pop, 7″-EP, 45 RPM, TW 1012/ADM 19975 (NL), 1991B-1: l’OpérationComp.: J. Lanzmann, J. DutroncProd.: Dolf Planteijdt (Koeienverhuur/ADM, Amsterdam, NL)Musicians: Cor Gout (vocals), Ronnie Krepel (guitar), Frank van den Bos (keyboards), Hayo den Boeft (bass), Peter Bos (drums)

Trespassers W - 13. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1,…0"
13. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1,…0”

LP, TW 1014 (NL), 1993A-1: Bodega Slavia, 2: I Could Have Lived Here, 3: F.E.A.R., 4: Riefenstahl, 5: Mobilized, 6: The GardenB- 1: Department Store, 2: Betrayal, 3: Uncle Wanja, 4: Taboo, 5: Munch, 6: Egg-Song, 7: The Sea And The MoonComp.: A1, A4, B1, B7: Frank van den…

14. Punt./Punkt Magazine and DBB/TW-EP, Split-ep with Deux Baleines Blanches

With Deux Baleines Blanches (G)7″-EP, 45 RPM, TW 1015 (NL), 1993A-1: NussfarbenComp.: Ronnie Krepel, Cor GoutProd.: Trespassers W, Boris Hanzer (B-Orange Studio, Düsseldorf, G)Musicians: Cor Gout (vocals), Ronnie Krepel (keyboards, guitar), Hayo den Boeft (bass, tapes), Frank van den Bos (keyboards), Bas den Boer (percussion), Fritz Sitterle (bass clarinet).

15. Boekelaar, Back
15. Boekelaar, Back

7″-EP, 45 RPM, ND 02 (USA), 1993A-1: Boekelaar, BackB-1: Breath, 2: Mausoleum In Sofia (Dutch version)}Comp.: A1: Ronnie Krepel, Cor Gout ; B1: Hayo den Boeft, Cor Gout ; B2: Cor GoutProd.: Wil Heze (Farmsound Studio, Heelsum, NL)Musicians: Cor Gout (vocals ; tapes B2), Ronnie Krepel (guitar A1, B1;…

16. Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue? Odes and Paroles

0rganic.land.free.fr/pages/eng/catglyp.htm Cassette, C50, Organic (org_land@nullclub-internet.fr) OT041 (F), 1993A-1: Who’s Afraid Of Red Yellow And Blue?, 2: Straight Madness, 3: Carmen Miranda, 4: We Know Where Paul Ricketts Lives, 5: Genius, 6: Zwarte Panter, 7: Us Abe, 8: Koning Van Crooswijk, 9: TreesB-1: Dag Visserke Vis, 2: Vlooien Dromen Ook,…

Trespassers W - 17. Heck's
17. Heck’s

7″-EP, 45 RPM, Bright Green Records 7006 (USA), 1994A-1: Hexio Perfectio de la Luxe (1991/1993)B-1: Virtual World War III (Radio-session VPRO 1993), 2: Tourbillon de la Vie (1993)Information track by trackA-1:Comp.: Lukas Simonis, Peter Bos, Cor GoutProd.: Dolf Planteijdt, Koeienverhuur/ADM, Amsterdam, NL, 1993; re-mix: Koeienverhuur/ADM, Haarlem 1993Musicians: Cor Gout…

Trespassers W - 18. Fly Up In The Face Of Life
18. Fly Up In The Face Of Life

CD, AMF 1045 (G.) (rknieps@nullmetronet.de), 1996 (in co-operation with OPULENCE, U.S.A.)1: Kite in Weimar, 2: Come Fling Down With Me, 3: Artemesia Gentileschi, 4: The Lost Souls, 5: Sehnsucht, 6:Saint-Ex, 7: John Daniels Pressed The Bulb, 8: Toads Are Trippy, 9: The Day When The Stones Raided Scheveningen, 10:…

19. The Conspiracy/Trespassers W SPLIT
19. The Conspiracy/Trespassers W SPLIT

The Conspiracy7″ EP, 33 RPM, PINK LEMON PINK 003 (G.), 1998A-1: Laan van Meerdervoort; 2: Sonia Szewcjyk’s Ballet SchoolComp.: A1: Dolf Planteijdt, Cor Gout ; A2: Lukas Simonis, Cor GoutProd.: Dolf Planteijdt (Koeienverhuur, Purmerend, NL)Musicians: Cor Gout (vocals), Lukas Simonis (guitar), Dolf Planteijdt (bass), Cor Hoogerdijk (drums), Peter Haex (trombone on…

20. The Ex-Yu Single
20. The Ex-Yu Single

7″ Single, 45 RPM,  Moloko+  (Plus) 011 (G.), 1998A-1: Save the Dormouse B-1: Sleepy DormouseComp.: A1: Ronnie Krepel, Cor Gout B1: Markham Lee, Ronnie Krepel, Frans Friederich, Lewis Carroll, Cor GoutProd.: A1: Ronnie Krepel, Camille Dings; B1: Ronnie Krepel, Frans Friederich, Camille DingsEngineering: Camille DingsMusicians: Cor Gout (vocals), Ronnie…

Trespassers W - 21. Leaping the Chasm
21. Leaping the Chasm

organic.land.free.fr/pages/eng/catorg.htm CD, Organic: OCD05 (Fr.), 1999/2000(Prologue) 1: Royal Star Bazoonya (instrumental); (I-The Lighthouse) 2: The Lighthouse Keeper, 3: The Lighthouse, 4: De Vloek van Westerschouwen, (II-The Letter) 5: Letter to Grandpa, 6: Pages from Mahler’s Diary, 7: Space for Thoughts, (III-Holes (1989)), 8: Hole in Flat Surface, 9: Beckett Dies,…

22. Vlucht Over Den Haag
22. Vlucht Over Den Haag

CD, SNOWDONIA/TW (It./NL), 20001: De Vuurtorenwachter, lied, 2: De Vuurtorenwachter, declamatie, 3 (a & b): De Kamer, lied en declamatie, 4: Betsie De Olifant, lied, 5: De Haagse Dierentuin, declamatie, 6: De Dierentuin Tango, muziek en stemmen, 7: Hexio Perfectio De La Luxe, declamatie en lied, 8: De Pindachinees, declamatie,…

23. De Voetbal CD
23. De Voetbal CD

CD, WITH FAKE-MAGAZINE #8/TW 1024/DIDI 1, 20011: Koning van Crooswijk, 2: Boekelaar, back, 3: Gazza, 4: Hollands Kwartiertje, 5: De Dirigent, 6: Us Abe, 7: Zwarte Panter, 9: Bergkamp.Comp.:1, 4, 6: Van den Bos, Gout; 2, 5, 7: Krepel, Gout; 3, 8: Hoogerdijk, GoutProd.: Camille Dings/Trespassers W (Sub Aqua)Engineering:…

24. Cover Collection

10″-EP, PINK LEMON: PINK 015 (G.), 2001A: Rouge-side:1: Blitzkrieg Bop, 2: Salvation Army Citadel, 3: Le Rouge Et Le Noir, 4: The Day Before You CameB: Paul-side:1: Song From Under The Floorboards, 2: Effervescing Elephant, 3: We Know Where Paul Ricketts LivesComp.:A1: The Ramones; A2: Jimmy Campbell; A3: Claude…

25. Scheveningen, op locatie

CD WITH BOOK ‘SCHEVENINGEN, OP LOCATIE’, TW 1025 (NL), 20011: De Vuurtoren, 2: Het Gedenkmonument, 3: De Dag Dat The Stones Scheveningen Aandeden, 4: Boekelaar, Back, 5: Bomen, 6: De Vloek Van WesterschouwenComp.:1, 3: Simonis, Gout; 2, 4: Krepel, Gout; 5: Van den Bos, Gout; 6: Bos, GoutProd.: Camille…

Trespassers W - 26. Sex and the end of it
26. Sex and the end of it

CD, Somnimage: SOM 0007 (USA), 20021 : Okay , 2: Barmaid, 3: Casual Sex In Halifax, 4: Sweet Pea, 5: Cyberporn Revolution, 6: Newly In Stock, 7: Tubular Belles, 8: Banana Story , 9: Stiletto, 10: Bananalities, 11: We Are The Champions, 12: La Revue Nègre, 13: Shadow Of…

27. Straight Madness (reissue)
27. Straight Madness – cd box

2xCD, Mecanique Populaire: AMR 001, 2003 (Fr.)Disc 1:LP Straight Madness (2)Disc 2:EP Burn it down (1)EP Paris in between the wars (3)Demo’s:Versailles #1, Versailles #2, Mascara Cara, B-Sides, Holland Park Restaurant, Straight Madness(instr.), Another Country; Neverland (track from the compilation-LP ‘Music from the Dead Zone’)

29. Trespassers W presenteert Ieplaan
29. Trespassers W presenteert IEPLAAN

29. Trespassers W presenteert Ieplaan CD, TW 1026 (NL), 2003 1: Intro, 2 -Het Geheim, 3: Geluiden (Sounds), 4: Dwalend als een nomade, 5: Geluiden, 6: Even en ik zweef, 7: Dienstje, 8: Geluiden, 9: De muziek verandert alles,10: Geluid van de Ieplaan (Sound of the Ieplaan, 11: Miss…

30. The Drugs We All Need
30. The Drugs We All Need

30. The Drugs We All NeedCD, Somnimage: SOM 00013 (USA), 20041: Eyes To Drink From, 2: Roadmaster Eldorado, 3: Viva La Corrida, 4: Coco And Igor, 5: Coffee Blues, 6: Dumbo’s Dream, 7: Make Me Sad, 8: From Syd To Lib, 9: I’m Not Going To Stay Here For…

31. The Noble Folly Of Rock’n’roll

31. The Noble Folly Of Rock’n’rollCD, Somnimage: SOM 00014 (USA), 2006 1: Look you don’t see what you see, 2: Dancing Teacher, 3: Chick-a-boom, 4: Cat Man, 5: Anything else?, 6: Do the don’t, 7: Roy, 8: Tokki Bar, 9: Goon, 10: Maureen, 11: Belle Nuit, 12: The mole,…

32. Dummy 2xCD box

32. Dummy 2xCD box2xCD, Mecanique Populaire, AMR 004 (Fr.), 2009 CD 1: LP Dummy (4)CD 2: Contributions to compilations 1.Mr. Verdoux -version 1, Via Ritmo Session, Rotterdam (1987), released on Notre Dame vol. 3, EE-cassette, Belgium (1989)2.Supplied by Clive (Pattison, Gout), Via Ritmo Session (1987), released on Sad Poppy…

Trespassers W, One-sided love-affair
33. One-sided love-affair LP

33 One-sided LP, TW Records 2027 (NL) 20141-Berlin, Berlin (traditional); 2-Blonde Venus (Krepel, Gout); 3-Marlene (Meysing, Gout); 4-Space for thoughts (Krepel, Simonis, Gout); 5-I can see you (Krepel, Gout); 6-Chile (Bos, Gout); 7-Malieveld (song: Van Markwijk, Gout; outro: Kroos) Cor Gout (vocals on all tracks); Ronnie Krepel (guitar on…

Trespassers W - 34. Aimez-vous Potemkin? 2xCD-reissue
34. Aimez-vous Potemkin? 2xCD

34. Aimez-vous Potemkin 2xCD2 x CD, Mecanique Populaire AMR 005/TW Records 2028 (FR./NL) 2014 CD1: The Potemkin Sessions 1- Life in death (Krepel); 2- Tenderness (Van den Bos, Gout); 3- Domela (Van den Bos, Gout); 4- Ceausescu’s dream (Baine, Gout); 5- Czech mates (Van den Bos, Krepel, Simonis, Gout);…

Trespassers W, The Stowaway ep
35. The Stowaway ep, 7” vinyl, 33 rpm

35. The Stowaway ep, 7″ vinyl, 33 rpm, TW Records 2029 (NL), 2016 A1- Save the stowaway (Krepel, Gout)2- One minute song (Krepel, Gout)3- Coleman at the Mephisto (Simonis, Gout) B1- Vaarwel Angelina (Dylan, Gout)2- Liedje van Prévert (Gainsbourg, Gout)